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Whether you are looking for a residential or commercial paint job, garages, floors, walls, interior, exterior/ brick/ wood

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  • We use top quality supplies in the industry

Hiring the right tradesperson is a great way to raise a home’s property value and improve its aesthetic appeal. A new coat  won’t just refresh the property’s appearance –  it will also allow residents to better express their unique personalities and make the house feel more like a home.
This goes the same with your business and having the best impression on your customers.

Why Us?

We pride ourself in the level of quality in our offering. Years of practice has allowed us to be the go to company in the surrounding areas around Ballarat. Don’t spend hours/ days of your own time trying to complete a job when you can leave it to the professionals!

Years of Experience
Painting a full property is harder than it looks. It requires specialised tools, skill, and training to apply the coat evenly so it will look good and hold up to the test of time. Our team of tradies have all the experience they need to provide results.

Knowledge of Local Codes of Ballarat
Building codes are in place for a reason, but most homeowners aren’t thoroughly familiar with them. When homeowners trust us with their pride and joy to complete their projects, they can rest easy knowing that all the work will comply with the Australian standard code AZ/NZ 2311.2009.

Liability Insurance
When homeowners take on their own jobs, they’ll be on the hook if anything goes wrong. This isn’t the case when they work with us as our jobs are carried out with substantial liability insurance policies to protect clients.

Services Offered 
Our team can do more than just freshen up an aging exterior, although that’s certainly  one of our specialties.
Our clients know that when they call us  they are are getting the best people for the job every time. No questions asked.
Check out our “services “ tab for more details on the types of commercial and residential we can do. From touch ups, to full house, roof, floor, walls – you name it!

How Much Does Painting a House Cost?

We can assure a competitive price and quality finish. House painting quotes can vary depending on the size of the house, the material the house is built with, accessibility and type of paint as well. 
Get in touch and we will give you a tailored quotation for the job and can work around your schedule!

100% satisfaction with EVERY JOB
We don’t want your money if you’re not happy! 
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    How to Choose the Best Painter in Ballarat

    It may be tempting to just search for “cheapest painter near me” online and choose the first company that comes up, but we all know that’s not necessarily the best option for anyone finding high quality tradesman this day and age!
    The well known saying – “you buy cheap, you buy twice!” We offer competitive pricing and can assure of a job rate that will get the job done to the highest degree at the best price.
    There should be a fine balance finding a cheap company with finding a company that provides high-quality results. We assure quality.

    Before  hiring a professional for the job, homeowners need to perform their due diligence as we can appreciate that nobody has the time to have a job half done!

    Here’s what to look for to make sure you’re getting top quality work:
    • Plenty of experience
    • A current license
    • Adequate insurance
    • Good reviews
    • A positive reputation
    • Excellent customer service
    • Ability to offer Colour and brand guidance
    • Transparent timelines and policies
    • A detailed, written contract
    • A reasonable and competitive quote
    • Attention to detail
    • Respect for clients’ space and belongings

    We are happy to say we tick all of the above!

    How to Prepare for Our Visit
    Homeowners who have already solved the issue of how to find the right artist in their areas may assume there’s nothing else they need to do to prepare, which is not necessarily the case. We ask that customers work with us to make sure the space is ready to be worked on so we complete the job in the most efficient timeline….
    There are a few things homeowners should do in advance to ensure that everything goes smoothly and their projects can be completed on time.

    Preparing for Exterior Touch Ups/ Recoating

    With exterior projects, preparation is relatively easy for our clients. We ask that you clean up any furniture, children’s toys, and other items in the yard, mow the grass, and move vehicles away from the home. This is also for safety of both staff and customers…. This won’t just protect them from falling dust and paint, but will also give our team space to set up their kit and do a job to the best of their ability.

    Preparing for Interior Projects

    Homeowners who have hired us to repaint just one room of their homes can focus primarily on the room in question.
    We ask that customers move everything, including wall-hung art, photos, and mirrors, and nearby furniture, away from the walls and remove valuable objects to another room. We will always  use drop cloths and other gear to protect their clients’ belongings, but there’s no harm in taking precautions. It’s also a good idea to designate a bathroom we can use and clear a path to it so we can prepare it with cloths as well. You can be assured your house will be as clean as you left it after we finish the job!

    When clients hire a whole-home interior specialist Ballarat, there is a bit of preparation requested to ensure the space is ready to be worked in. Take the preparations one room at a time and consider renting a storage unit for valuable items. Find out a timeline for the job when requesting a  estimate to evaluate whether it might be worthwhile to sublet an apartment, stay with friends, or get a hotel room for a little while.

    Call us now and we are happy to help

    Gone are the days when homeowners could just put up a “painter wanted” flier at a local store. If clients want to find the right people for the job, we are glad you found our website!
    Request a quick quote or get in touch to inquire about any of our services today

    We have had great customer reviews and look forward to receiving yours in the very near future!

    Painting FAQ

    What’s the total cost of painting a house?
    The overall outlay varies with the type of construction material and size. For example, painting the exterior of a home in Australia costs between $15 and $45 per square metre for brickwork. If you own a timber house; then it will cost you between $12 and $60 per m2.
    Alternatively, painting the interior of your home costs between $12 and $30 per square metre. So the size of your house determines the final cost. If you have a small apartment, the price may be about $4,000 while for larger apartments (four bedrooms) it may go as high as $20,000.

    Should I paint my house myself?
    As much as interior painting is the most popular DIY home improvement activity, we don’t recommend you paint your own house if you lack skills, equipment, time and the energy to do the job.

    Realistically, painting a home can be tedious because it involves preparation depending on the existing condition. 

    How much time will it take to paint a house exterior?

    If your house has four or fewer bedrooms, it takes between 3 to 4 days for 3 people to paint the exterior of a home. For larger homes, i.e., 3 to 5 storey it should take about 6 days to complete.

    Roughly, two to three people can paint the exterior of a 2,500 m2 in a maximum of two full days.

    How many coats of paint does a house exterior need?
    For good coverage, two coats will do, especially, if you are applying the paint on a well-prepped and primed surface.