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    Welcome to Ballarat Paint Services

    Welcome to Ballarat Paint Services— where all your exterior, interior and commercial painting needs can be found.

    In our many years of trading, we have been providing Victoria homeowners with professional painting services for 25 years. We are a dulux accredited company, so with us, you can be sure you are in the hands of experienced and highly trained experts.

    We lead a diverse team who are pro painters and who strive for career success. They are dedicated to bringing our customers quality painting experience and to making sure that our clients painting results speaks nothing but professionalism.

    Because of our many years of combined experience in Victoria, we have had the opportunity to learn so much about our constantly expanding industry. On our end, we relentlessly improve our services by providing new products and methods. Doing this ensures the best methods that will restore and protect your home. We assure you that we only use the best quality products and materials for your commercial or residential property.




    More Than Just Painting Your Walls

    Our company’s passion for painting and restoring homes is a result of countless house renovations. From the beginning up until the end, we will provide a service which is rivalled by no company.

    In addition to this, we will provide you with free quotes in the most convenient and timely manner. The quote that we give contains a detailed explanation of your painting project. We also list down the tasks and works needed before, during and after the painting proper.

    Why Choose Us?

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    We only use quality paints and other products.


    We have reliable, friendly and expert painters.


    We follow a method that will ensure efficient working.


    We can manage and do all kinds of painting in Victoria.


    We give great attention to detail


    We offer packaged and customisable paint solutions.


    We can work within the schedule without delays.


    Our products and services com at competitive pricing.

    Our painters have had so many years of interior, exterior, and commercial painting experience, and with us, you can guarantee professional results all the time. Don’t hesitate to give us a call, because together, we will make your dream happen.

    The Services We Offer



    Repainting your home or office is a project best left to professionals such as the services offered by expert painters. The painter must be the one who can fully understand the concept of interior painting including all other needs needed. Hiring a well-experienced painter to do the job must be you priority before starting your project.

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    To get the job done right the first time at your building or home’s exterior, you need to consider getting the services offered by painters in Ballarat, Victoria and in nearby locations. Choosing the experts will guarantee you top-quality applications that will be worth your money.



    If you have a business that needs painting, then fret no more because we can do the job for you. We can cover both residential and commercial areas in Victoria, Australia. In painting your commercial building, keep in mind that the colour and quality of the paints determine the success of it.


    Here are the frequently asked questions from our clients, and the answers will help you make a suitable choice. 

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    How much does a painter cost in Australia?

    The average cost of hiring a painter can range from $2,500 for a small house to $20,000 for a bigger home. But, this cost is made dependent on many factors such as the design style, paint and raw material.

    For the hourly rate of a painter in Australia, such cost ranges on average between $35 and $45. The eight-hour workday is made as a basis in determining the cost. This hourly rate can still increase the overall cost of the painting project. However, the hourly rate is only good for you if the painter works fast.

    How much is it to have your house painted in Victoria, Australia?

    The cost of painting a house depends on which side of the house is painted, and on the size of the house. Usually, painters take into account several factors such as the preparation work, the surface they paint, the height of a building and even the total number of windows. Below are some of the different types of painting projects.

    • Exterior house painting— there are several reasons that affect why homeowners would want to paint the exterior of their homes. For instance, a new coat of paint highly changes the appearance of the home, and it improves the value of a house. The cost of painting per square metre of a home’s exterior ranges from $15 to $45.
    • Exterior house painting— for the home’s facade, the painting projects cost can range from $12 to $60 per square metre.
    Can I paint my house myself?

    So far, the most popular do-it-yourself home improvement activity is painting the home’s interior and exterior. Doing this is way better and a more affordable way to freshen up walls and rooms. Also, painting isn’t really a difficult task to pull off, and it doesn’t need some certification or training. If you are well enough as a homeowner to paint rooms, then you are all set. Some patience, practice, and some tips could also help.

    Every successful paint job begins with a proper prepping of the surface you’re going to paint. This means you must remove sand, patch, and fill holes, and any surface imperfections. This may not be the most fun part of painting a room, but it is the most crucial one. Keep in mind that paint cannot fill any gap or hole, regardless of the quality.

    Does it take long to paint a house in Australia?

    A new coat of paint can really make your home look new, and it may take 2-3 days to finish it off. However, the number of days can change depending on certain factors.  The following are some of the factors that determine the duration of a painting project:

    • Weather— choose the right time to start. Regardless of the amount of prep time you did, a sudden downpour can ruin everything. This is so because paint sticks best to dry surfaces. Thus, try to choose a time of year with the least rain and humidity.
    • Size of Your Home— the size of your home will largely contribute to the project’s duration. For an average-size house, it could take an average of 3 to f4 days to paint. For a large house, say a three-story or five-plus-bedroom home, the duration will take 5 to 6 days.
    • Size of Your Crew— the more people doing the job, the faster the project will be done. We lead a team of pros typically composed of more than one person for exterior painting, more so if it means completing work on a tighter deadline.
    How many coats of paint do I need for my home?

    In painting, you can’t take shortcuts, especially since your exterior will be exposed to outdoor elements like the sun, birds, and rain. So, if it’s recommended by the experts to use two coats of paint on a surface, then it must be followed. Take note of the following:

    • Failure to use the right amount of coats of paint— this can lead to disaster and it is considered as one of the biggest mistakes. This is prevalent in painting the exterior of a home. Another problem is not adequately preparing the surface by a thorough cleaning, and priming. These two will make you spend more money over time and leave you with an ugly exterior finish.
    • The quality of paints you use— for lower quality paints, they don’t really cover well as higher quality paints. As a result, you might need the entire day applying coats and waiting for them to dry off, and this is really stressful. For higher quality paints, they have better pigments and resins, and lesser solvents like water. This means that the paint will be thicker upon application.
    Should I Hire A Professional Painter?

    Getting advice from an experienced painting contractor is always your best option in getting the right answer. It follows then that hiring a painter is almost a guaranteed way to save yourself a lot of time and stress. For more complex interiors and exterior, painting is not a piece of cake.

    While you’re at the process of hiring a painting contractor, make sure to ask a question such as the number of paint coats they plan to do and the quality of paint they use. If they will give you cheap painting estimates, this may indicate that you’re going to get low-quality paint.

    Trust Only the Expert Painters in Australia

    In our company, we will make sure to give our clients what they deserve. That is why we offer cost-effective solutions so that they can still achieve their dream project while sticking to the budget, and without compromising the quality of materials and services. For all your painting needs, trust Ballarat Painting Services.

    ***Disclaimer – This website is owned and managed by a 3rd party agency. All work is carried out by local independant contractors. The website owner holds no liability for any loss or damages from any construction work carried out.