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If you are finding to re-paint or restore the exterior surfaces on your home, our team of house painters are more than certified in exterior painting. We possess certifications and licenses to use machinery to reach those difficult places. For the parts we can’t go by boom lifts, our company also has professional painters trained and skilled in harness work.

For our exterior painting services, we can cater the needs of every style of home in Australia, be it from weatherboard to render finish, there isn’t a style of home our house painters can’t do.

Similar to our interior painting process, we make sure to do a thorough preparation to all surfaces. Each of the painters we hire is skilled to pressure wash and power sand surfaces to make sure our paint adheres well. We make sure that our exterior painting work will last through Victoria’s harsh weather by using only premium quality paint products. We also guarantee the following:

Types of Finishes for Your Exterior Painting

In the market, there are five types of paint finish and classified according to their reflectiveness:

  • Flat or Matte — this paint doesn’t have much shine to it, but it covers more area than other paints. It only takes a few coats to cover some imperfections on any surface. This paint is great for areas with the least traffic such as the dining room and the ceiling.
  • Eggshell — this paint is popular for its lustrous finish, and yet this paint still covers imperfections. In terms of durability, this paint is better than paints with flat or matte finishes. It is also ideal for places with low or medium traffic such as hallways, entryways and lounge rooms.
  • Satin — this paint is a common choice for most home paintings. It has that velvet-looking finish which makes it easier to clean than other paints. It is a great option for high-traffic areas such as bathrooms, common rooms and washrooms.
  • Semi-gloss— this paint is both shiny and has a mirror-like finish. Also, it offers durability and is resistant to mildew. So, it is ideal for areas that are always damp and gathers moisture such as the kitchen and the bathroom.
  • High-gloss— this has a really shiny finish, but it affords durability and it can be cleaned easily. This is ideal for doors, trim and storage cabinets. Further, it can be used outdoors, but when it is applied, it reveals imperfections on the surface.

The Reliable Exterior Painters in Australia

Our pros understand that preparing your exteriors for painting is the most important step in the entire painting procedure. Without which, your fresh coat of paint will eventually wear off very quickly, wasting both money and time. So, your painting contractor must take measures to ensure the exterior painting, and when it comes to that, we have you covered. Call us now!

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